tRelational/DPS: Adabas-to-RDBMS Data Replication

tRelational / DPS is a robust product set that provides modeling and data transfer of legacy Adabas data into modern RDBMS-based platforms for Internet/Intranet/Business Intelligence applications. Treehouse Software designed this product set to meet the demands of large and complex environments requiring product maturity, productivity, feature-richness, efficiency and high performance.

tRelational provides complete analysis, modeling and mapping of Adabas files and data elements to the target RDBMS tables and columns. DPS (Data Propagation System) performs Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) functions for the initial bulk RDBMS load and incremental Change Data Capture (CDC) batch processing to synchronize Adabas updates with the target RDBMS.

Map it and Pump It


tRelational optionally auto-generates complete RDBMS schemata from existing Adabas files, and alternatively allows easy mapping of Adabas fields to an already existing data warehouse or ERP schema. After tRelational does the mapping, DPS can then materialize (initially load) and propagate (subsequently keep synchronized) the Adabas data into the RDBMS without requiring direct access to Adabas.

For materialization (Extraction, Transformation, Load), DPS extracts Adabas data from ADASAV files and transforms it into a relational form suitable for processing by the RDBMS loader utility (e.g., Oracle’s SQL*Loader utility).
For propagation (Change Data Capture), DPS extracts Adabas data from copies of PLOG files and transforms it into a relational form suitable for processing by the RDBMS SQL processing utility (e.g., Oracle’s SQL*Plus utility).

ADABAS-to-RDBMS Modeling and Mapping
  • RDBMS data modeling and mapping of Adabas structures to RDBMS structures

  • Optional auto-generation of complete RDBMS schemata (Tables, Columns, Primary Key, and Foreign Keys) based upon existing Adabas file structures. Adabas Periodic Groups and Multiple Value Fields may be mapped as child tables or as discrete columns (or both) in the generated RDBMS data model.

  • Generation of DDL statements to create RDBMS structures in the target relational database.

  • Analysis tools for (1) determining which alphanumeric Adabas fields should be mapped to "VARCHAR" RDBMS columns, (2) analyzing which Adabas descriptors are candidates for an RDBMS primary key or alternate index, and (3) analyzing the physical characteristics of Adabas PE and MU fields to determine the kind of RDBMS structures to which they should be mapped.

  • tRelationalPC GUI interface for modeling and mapping.

  • tRelational produces all parameters required by DPS to perform materialization (initial loading) and propagation (ongoing synchronization) of data from Adabas to the RDBMS.

  • The "ODBC Import" function makes it even easier for a site to import existing RDBMS schema into tRelationalPC (no need to type in those Tables, Columns, and Constraints manually). A simple drag-and-drop procedure is then all that is required for the creation of Adabas-to-RDBMS mappings.


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